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mercoledì, agosto 16, 2017

Dataedo software, Part 06: First impression (until now)

There is still something to say on Dataedo5 software (in the next posts), but I can write my first impression.


  • The software is really smart
  • Good documentation for your support
  • A good help to organize your data
  • Price not so high
  • Great Blog (see below)
  • More databases are supported


  • Some security stuff should be implemented: I would like that a scheme with the minimum privileges could describe objects of other users
  • Some performance issue should be optimized: The more data you have to import in Dataedo, the more time you have to wait. This is a not scalable solution. The import flow should be divided into more steps: one for each type
  • The code of Triggers, Procedure and Functions need to be absolutely shown in the final doc.
  • The type of objects reported in the final document is too low: are missing, for example, Packages, Types, Jobs, Index etc.

Just to understand what I mean, the following picture is taken from Toad and show you what Dataedo report in it documentation (in red) and which are the types that Oracle use

Oracle type of object

So, in my opinion, the software is good but not enough mature. I think that Dataedo could become a really powerful software for documenting an Oracle schema, but a lot of work should be done.

Pay attention, please. Those impressions are based on what I saw until now. Dataedo5 has more than simply this. I'll try to explore them in the next months.

There is a thing I want to speak about, before the next post: the Dataedo Blog. You can find some really interesting post like "6 Useful Oracle Data Dictionary Queries Every DBA Should Have"

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