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lunedì, agosto 14, 2017

Dataedo software, Part 05: Reporting - 05 (EXCELL)

Type per sheet

As you can see, each sheet contains a type

The first sheet is "Module" that show "Other". This is newer: it is not present in the PDF and HTML format. In fact following two picture show how they appear

PDF index

HTML format

Is this a bug? I'll ask the Dataedo guys. Anyway, following pictures show how the EXCELL format appear.





Also the "Columns" description and "Relations" have a separate sheet




And there are other sheet for "Unique keys"

Unique keys

Unique Keys

In EXCEL, the "Triggers" have a separate sheet


And....this is really strange: a sheet for In/Out parameters of the Procedures and Functions

It's like "I can't show you the code of the code of Procedures and Functions, but I tell you which is the interface". Ok. I agree with this, but why Dataedo show this kind of information only in the EXCELL format?

(To be continued)

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