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lunedì, agosto 14, 2017

Dataedo software, Part 05: Reporting - 03 (PDF)

In this post, I see the PDF and EXCELL format of the documentation generated by Dataedo

At this point you can choose between two formats: the difference is how the pdf file appears. I discuss this latter

First of all, both files are almost the same size

The size is the same

Obviously, the size depends on your original data. The difference between them is that the friendly format is in black and white color.

Friendly version

Normal version

Because I like the color, I use the normal version to analyze the output

Table of Contents and Tables index

Views index

Procedure index

Functions index


And what about the source code? The HTML format did not show the code. Unfortunately also the PDF format.....

No source code in PDF format
.....doesn't show the code. So I suspect that this is a choice of developer. I hope that in the next release the Dataedo guys, change this.

(to be continued)

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