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giovedì, agosto 03, 2017

Dataedo software, Part 03: First Oracle connection - 02

As DBA, I would like to save info on some Performance views (V$/GV$) and save other info of the data dictionary.

In the last post, I connected to nagios user. He has SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege, but I can't see anything except the table he owns.

So, I can't use nagios user to see the data dictionary. I try to use the system user.

System own a lot of objects

but there isn't anything about the performance views. So I import nothing

I try again. There is another option when I create a new connection: the "Advanced settings"

I can choose what I want to import. I set V$ performance views...

...but nothing.

Now it's time for sys user.

Great: I can't use the sys user. This proof that the software is safe for this point of view.

Well, there is the last test I have to do. I can use the nagios user to connect the db, and import the objects of another user.

As you can see, the system user does not appear in the list.

"Bravo!" two times. First I can connect to the database and import the objects of another user. This is an important security concept: I don't need to know the password of the application schema.

Second, in the list of the users, "system" is not included. This is another security concept.

So, I can't use Dataedo for commenting and/or documenting the Oracle Data Dictionary. I don't think that Dataedo made for this scope.

It's OK. It's just as Dataedo works. Anyway, I would like to build my personal subset of objects to import. Also Data Dictionary.

In the next post, I connect to an application schema.


2017/08/04 - From Dataedo: We don’t import sys data on purpose since you only want to document your data not all of them

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