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venerdì, agosto 11, 2017

Dataedo software, Part 05: Reporting - 02 (HTML)

The first export is in HTML (in the next posts, I'll analyze also the PDF and Excell format)

You can choose two kinds of HTML files: "single file" or "multiple files"

Then you choose what export...

...and where

This is how the HTML file appears:





Until now I write anything yet, on the documentation. I'll write on this in the next posts. So I could just see something about "procedure", "functions" and "trigger".

Clicking on the trigger showed in picture html_03 (under the green line), this is what I see

Oooooh. I clicked on the trigger and it sends to me to another table. It should be a bug during the generation of html file.

Let me see what about the procedure:


Ok. In the HTML report (picture PRC_ESITI_CTI report", above) I see the dependencies (picture "PRC_ESITI_CTI dependencies", below) .....

PRC_ESITI_CTI dependencies
.....but what about the source code (picture "Source code inside Dataed5", below)? It is not shown, though it is correctly imported in Dataedo (picture "Source code inside Dataed5", below)

Source code inside Dataedo5

I don't know if it is what the tool want, but I think that it is important to see and comment the code of a procedure/function/trigger.

You can generate the HTML report also using multiple files (default option)

Multiple files

Between the analysis, I made some test. One of this was "Customize template". Well, after this I can't remove the template (see "Multiple files" picture above).

The size of the latter is bigger (just a little) than the former

Size of the single file

Size of the multiple files
The difference between the two is just how the files are stored on disk

Single file directories

Multiple files directories

(to be continued)

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