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mercoledì, agosto 02, 2017

Dataedo software, Part 02: About versions

Before I go ahead, I want to talk about the versions of the software.

There are 3 kind of licenses


The one I'm using is the "Pro". The difference between "Pro" and "Pro 5" is just the lifetime. The "Pro" version is billed by year so you will receive all update. The "Pro 5" never end, but you have to pay just an extra in order to upgrade from one release to another one.

Pro and Pro 5, are the same

The Pro version is without limit, so I can test all features of the software. You can use Dataedo for free, but it has limited functionality. Anyway you can download and try the "Pro" version for free for 30-days.

Lite version and 30-day free Pro
In this case you have to compile a web form:

The trial form
There are a lot of discount or opportunity to get Dataedo. Please see the discount section of the Pricing page.

Also, there is an Upgrade section


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