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venerdì, agosto 11, 2017

Dataedo software, Part 05: Reporting - 01

Some times ago, I learned the value of the principle of the "minimum privilege". So I don't like to give "SELECT ANY TABLE" or "EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE" to the application's schema. On the other hand, the "SELECT_CATALOG_RULE" is a good compromise to allow the application to make own check on the database.

Because of this (see my previous post) I have to use a schema owner of tables and procedure in order to get information about objects.

Also, I'm using a development environment for this test.

So 511 objects will be imported. I already noted as more objects you have to import, more time you have to wait.

Start import

End import

After 6 minutes, this is how Dataed5 appears:

Very well. Let me see how the table information is shown:

Generic info








On the "Relations" tab, you can right click on the relation name and it brings you to the other table

Right click

So you can quickly check the relationship between tables. Unfortunately, on the "Join" info, Dataedo doesn't show the table name of the column, so you have to move to the "Column" tab in order to verify the right owner.

The same thing happens when you select the "Dependencies" tab. This tab is split into 2 panels. On the left, there is "Uses": the object on the table. On the right, there is "Used by": who is using the object. If you right click on the object or on the dependencies, you go there.

It's the time to produce some documentation. In order to do this, you can click on "Export documentation", choosing between 3 different formats: PDF/HTML/EXCEL:

(To be continued)

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