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mercoledì, aprile 06, 2016

ASH. Like a movie (3/3)

In the previous post [1a] [1b], I shown a chart that you can see here

This picture show how the sampling (blue) and real time analysis (read) are intimately linked each other. In order to obtain that, I used the query [2] based on what I explain now.
The master document [3] was published by John Beresniewicz, Graham Wood, Uri Shaft. For it, exist also a video on You Tube [4].

The main formula is

DB Time ~ sample_nr * (rows in ASH)

where the "sample_nr" is the sample frequency. It's value, depend from row surce.

* V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY,     sample_nr => 1
* DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY, sample_nr => _ash_disk_filter_ratio (default is 10)

In my query, there are three main components. They are in the "with" section: "awr", "ash" and "db_time".

  • AWR Here 
I select the sample frequency of DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY view.

  from x$ksppi ash_name 
      ,x$ksppsv ash_value 
       ash_name.indx    = ash_value.indx 
   and ash_name.ksppinm = '_ash_disk_filter_ratio'; 

  • ASH (Y-axis) 
The "rows in ASH" values, are the rows in DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY.

      ,snap_id, count(*)
      ,snap_id, 10*count(*) 
group by 
       instance_number, snap_id; 

  • DB_Time (Y-axis) 
The last piece of my query is the value of DB Time. For it I used the LAG analytic function in order to obtain the previous row:

      ,(value - lag(value) over (partition by instance_number order by snap_id))/1000000 diff 
      stat_name='DB time'; 

As last step I join this three query with DBA_HIST_SNAPSHOT, in order to get the "sample time" (X-axis). See [2] to get the full statement.

  • Update

06/Oct/2017 - modified dba_hist_active_ess_history in dba_hist_active_sess_history
06/Oct/2017 - modified count(*) in 10*count(*)

  • References


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