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venerdì, aprile 01, 2016

ASH. Like a movie (2/3)

Here the Italian version

ASH. Like a movie (1/3)
ASH. Like a movie (3/3)

In order to show how ASH is like the DB Time, I made a chart reporting both metrics in the same place.

However, some measures are "strange". I show this in this post.

The first anomaly is one in which there is a negative peak.

Snap_id.Sample Time Sample DB Time
92722.28-MAR-16 AM 5980 -7166541

This is due to restart of the instance, so I delete this point.

The second anomaly is of 3 peaks. These are a surge of Time DB.

Snap_id.Sample Time Sample DB Time
92614.26-MAR-16 AM 72870 78461
92626.26-MAR-16 AM 75420 100475
92677.27-MAR-16 AM 44570 124111

After I deleted this three points, the chart is like this...

...and you can see that the sampling approximates the real time.

The cause of the first point is the restart of the instance that drops all statistics. I'm investigating why sometimes exists (in this case there are 3 points) the difference between ASH and DB Time.

ASH. Like a movie (1/3) ASH. Like a movie (3/3)

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