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mercoledì, ottobre 11, 2017


I started this series on XML because of a query wrote by Connor McDonald. Please read my previous post.

Now there is just a last post where I want to talk about DBMS_XMLGEN.GETXMLTYPE.

First of all the definition of DBMS_XMLGEN package[1].

From [1]: The DBMS_XMLGEN package converts the results of a SQL query to a canonical XML format. The package takes an arbitrary SQL query as input, converts it to XML format, and returns the result as a CLOB. This package is similar to the DBMS_XMLQUERY package, except that it is written in C and compiled into the kernel. This package can only be run on the database.

You can find the list of procedure and functions of DBMS_XMLGEN package in [2]

The GETCMLTYPE function definition is taken from [3]: Gets the XML document and returns it as XMLType

As you can see, the first argument is a sqlQuery. So, in order to try a test, I just run a simple query.

First I a run the main statement and check the result

At this point, I run a really simple statement with DBMS_XMLGEN.GETXMLTYPE using the previous select.

So, GETXMLTYPE transforms the resultset of a select in an XML. The root node is "ROWSET" while the children are "ROW". Inside this children, there are other children: one of each column specified in the inner select.

Now I run the part of XML from my previous post (I just modify owner a table name because I run the statement on a different database):

At this point, you have all the instruments to correctly understand the Connor McDonald's select.


[2] Summary of DBMS_XMLGEN Subprograms
[3] GETXMLTYPE Functions

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