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lunedì, settembre 25, 2017

Using XML 12: XMLAttributes

From [1]: SQL/XML standard function XMLAttributes can be used together with XMLElement, to specify attributes for the generated elements. The first argument to function XMLElement defines an identifier that names the root XML element to be created. The root-element identifier argument can be defined using a literal identifier. If an attribute value expression evaluates to NULL, then no corresponding attribute is created. The data type of an attribute value expression cannot be an object type or a collection.

This is the syntax:

I run following statement

select username, XMLElement("Schema",
   XMLAttributes(username as "User",
   to_char(CREATED, 'dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss') as "When"
   USER_ID as "Id"
   ORACLE_MANTAINED as "OracleOwn")
   ) xml_user_details
from all_users fetch first 3 rows only

As you can see, the XML in yellow rectangle, is not complete. I have to format the column, changing the value of long



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