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mercoledì, marzo 15, 2017

vmstat: average output

The OraPub community is very active. We chat via slack.

Someone asked a script, in order to average the output of vmstat command.

In order to do this, I made a python script. You can find it, here.

You can use it in tow ways.
  1. Save the output of vmstat into a file, then use my script
  2. Run my script interactively

  • Save the output of vmstat into a file, then use my script

i. run vmstat and save the output
oracle> vmstat 5 5 > vmstat out

ii. Use my script
oracle> cat vmstat.out|
 Samples: 4
Avg Proc   : 30.2 (Sum=121, Min=18, Max=37)
Avg User   : 19.0 (Sum=76, Min=18, Max=20)
Avg System : 10.8 (Sum=43, Min=10, Max=11)
Avg Idle   : 67.2 (Sum=269, Min=65, Max=68)
Avg Waiting:  3.0 (Sum=12, Min=1, Max=5)
Avg Stolen :  0.0 (Sum=0, Min=0, Max=0)

  • Run my script interactively

i. run vmstat and pipe my script

oracle> vmstat 5 5 |
 Samples: 4
Avg Proc   : 46.5 (Sum=186, Min=22, Max=61)
Avg User   : 22.5 (Sum=90, Min=21, Max=25)
Avg System : 14.8 (Sum=59, Min=14, Max=16)
Avg Idle   : 57.2 (Sum=229, Min=49, Max=60)
Avg Waiting:  5.2 (Sum=21, Min=3, Max=10)
Avg Stolen :  0.0 (Sum=0, Min=0, Max=0)

It works on Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.

I also made a script that read the vmstat output from the Oracle OS Watcher. Here an example

oracle> cat myserver_vmstat_17.03.15.1300.dat |
 Samples: 162
Avg Proc   : 40.2 (Sum=6511, Min=37, Max=37)
Avg User   : 14.9 (Sum=2420, Min=22, Max=22)
Avg System :  8.2 (Sum=1336, Min=16, Max=16)
Avg Idle   : 71.4 (Sum=11570, Min=41, Max=41)
Avg Waiting:  5.4 (Sum=868, Min=22, Max=22)
Avg Stolen :  0.0 (Sum=0, Min=0, Max=0)

where "myserver_vmstat_17.03.15.1300.dat" is the output from OS Watch

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