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venerdì, marzo 25, 2016

lsasmdsk, Solaris version (ENG)

In order to associate the ASM disk in /dev/oracle directory with raw device, I made follofing script


DISK_OS_TYPE=brw #also crw

echo "ASM Disk        Device                                             Mj, Mn"
echo "--------------  -------------------------------------------------  ----------"
for _asm_disk_name in $(ls -l $DISK_ASM_DIR |grep -v total |awk '{print $(NF)}'); do
  asm_major_nr=$(ls -l ${DISK_ASM_DIR}/${_asm_disk_name} |awk 'BEGIN {FS=","}{print $1}'|awk '{print $NF}')
  asm_minor_nr=$(ls -l ${DISK_ASM_DIR}/${_asm_disk_name} |awk 'BEGIN {FS=","}{print $2}'|awk '{printf "%3s", $1}')
  scsi_disk=$(ls -l ${DISK_OS_SCSI} |grep ${asm_major_nr}|grep ${asm_minor_nr}|grep ^brw|sed 's/[@g|:| ]/,/g'|sed 's/,,*/,/g'|nawk -v amn="${asm_minor_nr}" 'BEGIN {FS=","} $6==amn {print $(NF-1)}')
  os_disk=$(ls /dev/rdsk |grep -i ${scsi_disk}|grep s0$)
  printf "%-15s %-50s [%-s,%4s]\n" $_asm_disk_name ${DISK_OS_DIR}/$os_disk ${asm_major_nr} ${asm_minor_nr}

This is an example of output

ASM Disk        Device                                             Mj, Mn
--------------  -------------------------------------------------  ----------
CRSOCR01        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D102200355914322ACCDD11d0s0   [118, 480]
CRSVTG01        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D102200345914322ACCDD11d0s0   [118, 488]
ORTST001        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D1022006A5AB93EDDF9DD11d0s0   [118, 504]
ORTST002        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D1022006B5AB93EDDF9DD11d0s0   [118, 496]
ORTST003        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D1022006C5AB93EDDF9DD11d0s0   [118, 512]
WRADK001        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D10220020BD730C29CCDD11d0s0   [118, 440]
WRADK002        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D10220021BD730C29CCDD11d0s0   [118, 368]
WRADK003        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D10220022BD730C29CCDD11d0s0   [118, 296]
WRADK004        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D10220023BD730C29CCDD11d0s0   [118, 224]
WRADK005        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D10220024BD730C29CCDD11d0s0   [118, 152]
WRADK006        /dev/dsk/c5t600601605D10220025BD730C29CCDD11d0s0   [118,  32]

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